Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye

I got this book with the January Fairyloot box.  I have to admit, if it had not been for the read along I probably never would have picked this book up.  The plot really didn’t interest me, and I found the first day of the read along especially challenging.  However, I persevered and actually found it to be a really enjoyable book.

The story has a lot of different perspectives in, I think around eight, but I could be wrong.  The main characters are Sora and Daemon.  They are Taigas which are essentially people who can cast spells.  They are also each other’s gemina which seems essentially the same idea of parabatai but preordained.  They discover that an old enemy has returned to their kingdom with a new and dangerous kind of magic.  The book follows themselves and their friends as they try to stop this new threat. 

My favourite character in this book was probably Daemon, I just wanted him to be happy throughout the whole book.  I think the relationship between him and Sora is written so well, they always have each other’s back and trust each other implicitly.  I think most of my favourite scenes were with Daemon.  I really liked the scenes when he was thinking about Sora and how much he cared for her.  They were so sweet, I shipped the two of them so hard at the start of this book. 

Parts of the book I thought were a bit predictable but that was only because they were surreptitiously mentioned before they were revealed.  I did find some things to be really good twists, like the twist that happens with the character Virtuoso.  I think the book was a bit slow to start, I really got into it in the end but that was only after I had read about a hundred pages or so. 

It was left on another awful cliff-hanger! I really need to read a standalone book at some point! I thought the way the end was done was really good though, it kept me guessing and I have to admit I finished the read along a day early because I couldn’t wait. 

I can’t really think of any books it’s similar too.  I suppose mortal instruments a bit because of the bonded fighter thing and the forbidden love, but it has been a while since I read those books.  I gave this book 3.5/5 and am eagerly awaiting the sequel!

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