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Book Review: A Strange Hymn by Laura Thalassa

Okay writing this review before I get too sucked into the third one. I tried to resist buying these for a while, but I just couldn’t. I just wanted more of Des and Callie.

Obviously, this review will have spoilers for Rhapsodic.

So, Callie has escaped Karnon, the mad king of fauna, but she can’t go home. Karnon has changed her so she has wings, scales, and talons, and she hates it. As she’s trying to get used to her new appearance and the idea that she can’t go home, she’s only just beginning to understand what it entails being The Bargainer’s human mate…

Looking back this is a bit of a strange book. The first half is Callie healing from what happened at the end of Rhapsodic and coming to love herself. I really enjoyed it, just her and Des travelling around being romantic together. I’m the kind of person that loved the just niceness that was A Court of Frost and Starlight so yeah give me all the happy times!

Then Solstice celebrations are on and Callie has to accompany Des to the kingdom of Flora where all four kingdoms put aside their grudges and meet for a week to celebrate. It certainly started to get across some of the brutality of otherworld and I enjoyed Callie really coming into her own as essentially the Queen of the Night Kingdom.

I’m not really able to pinpoint any of the things that I didn’t like about this book. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first, but I think that was because the pace is a lot slower and there’s less mystery in it. It doesn’t have that same romantic tension in.

What I did really like about this book was the growth of Callie and Des’s relationship. I often get really pissed off when a character is just not telling another character something for no good reason. Des doesn’t withhold information that’s important from Callie, but I thought it was really believable that he wouldn’t be able to just all of a sudden open up and tell her everything about his past. The fear that he has there, that if she sees who he really is she won’t love him, makes him seem more human.

I also hate it when angst is created which could be solved by characters being honest with each other. There are a lot of times when Callie’s trust in Des wavers but each time they sit and talk about it. It just seems a much more mature way to work a relationship and I was really here for that. (I know I read a lot of YA and this is adult, but I honestly can’t express how much I hate angst in relationships that’s completely avoidable).

I gave this a 4.5* and have decided to up Rhapsodic to 5*. I really flew through this book and as I said have immediately picked up the third! It’s sooo good so far!

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