Audiobook Review

Audiobook Review: The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levensellar

My first audiobook review! Very exciting I know. Now some things you should know about me and audiobooks:

  1. I can only listen to first person books and I’m quite picky about narrators
  2. The pace is a bit too slow for me so I can only listen to books I’ve read before
  3. I listen to them incredibly slowly – I’ve had an audiobook on the go at all points this year and this is only my 5th completed one of the year

Anyway, those of you that may follow me on Instagram know I am obsessed with The Shadows Between Us. It was probably my most anticipated read of the year and, when my fairyloot arrived with it in, I picked it up and finished it by the night time. I honestly can’t explain to you the awesomeness of this book, I’m going to try but it just wouldn’t do it justice.

Just to show the extent of my The Shadows Between Us obsession here is a collection of some of my instagram pictures for it!

Alessandra has a plan. 1. Woo the Shadow King. 2. Marry him. 3. Kill him and take his throne. But Kallias has enemies surrounding him and now she has to keep him alive long enough to actually marry him…

I cannot explain how much I loved our villainous protagonist. Alessandra is intelligent and ruthless, I adored the way her mind worked, and I found myself chuckling throughout this whole read. Kallais too is so dark and again villainous. They are so perfect for each other.

This book is more of a romance set in a fantasy world but that’s kind of my jam. The fantasy world sounds quite unique with like guns and electricity but still with rapiers. I found I didn’t need more details and, since it’s all from Alessandra’s perspective, it seems kind of superfluous. The small tip bits we did get though made me intrigued.

Kallais’ magic is quite original. Like the whole dark shadows think not but the price he pays for that magic of not being able to touch anyone was a nice touch.

I found that their relationship develops naturally. It’s not so much an enemies to lovers but I suppose more friends to lovers even though for half the book Alessandra is planning to kill him.

Now as for the audiobook specifically, I loved it. Honestly, I wanted to listen to it when I finished my read before last (These Broken Stars) but I thought I better listen to Serpent & Dove with Blood & Honey coming out. I think this might be the fastest I’ve ever gotten through an audiobook. I just couldn’t stop listening.

Normally I only listen to audiobooks while I’m doing something else e.g. driving, cooking, but this one I just sat and listened to it. I was that hooked.

The narrator is really good and captures Alessandra’s voice wonderfully. She also does a good voice for Kallias (I tend to have problems with this – Reid in the S&D audiobook doing any female voice is just so fucking irritating).

Illuminae will always hold 1st place for best audiobook ever but this one is definitely up there! I would highly recommend. It’s still coming out as a 5* for me and I’m already looking forward to my next read of it!

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