book review

Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

I have been dying to read this book since I bought it a month or so ago! The cover just looked so interesting and then that it was an Anastasia retelling in space!! This book was just calling my name.

I’m actually writing this a week after finishing so I’m hoping my memory is up to the task.

Ana lives on the Dossier a pirate spaceship with a crew that feels like her family. Most of all there is Di, a Metal who can’t feel emotions but who has been with Ana since she was found win an escape pod without any recollection of her past. Di means everything to Ana but he is glitching and she’s at risk of losing the person she loves most of all. While attempting to get coordinates for the lost Metal flagship she collides with Robb an aristocrat in search of his father who may be on that very ship…

This book dragged me in from the get-go. I’ve been trying to read in 50 page spurts this month and this was not a problem for this one. The only problem I had was stopping!

Ana was such a great character. She was so sure of herself and her path, so determined to save Di. I felt like she went on such a journey through this book, but I instantly loved those aspects of her.

Robb was an equally likable character, he definitely seemed flawed but that just made him more human. Similarly, he was very determined, and I really liked seeing how both managed when they no longer had that path before them.

Di was a great character. I did not expect him to be the love interest in this book. I spent the first few chapters trying to figure out if it was a brotherly love before realising it was romantic. I don’t want to do any spoilers, but I liked Di’s evolution throughout the book from the start where he’s clearly into Ana but in a much less emotive sense. His character arc was perhaps the most heart-breaking.

Jax! Jax was not mentioned in the synopsis so I was initially surprised to have a perspective from him, but I found myself so intrigued. He’s from an alien race who were once able to read the future in the stars. I have a feeling Jax will become way more important in the second book. All I can say is that I hope somehow, he and Robb end up together all happy because I was living for their scenes in this book. 

There were certain elements of this book that were at times a little predictable, but I really didn’t see how the end went coming. The last half of the book was a roller-coaster with the last few chapters taking very unexpected turns. I’m really excited to see how this sums up! Overall gave the book 4.5*

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