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Book Review: Beach Read by Emily Henry

So, I didn’t break the book buying ban guys. This was a surprise present from my partner (sidenote: he’s the best and is a terrible influence on me reading wise).

January has writers block. It started when her dad died and she found out he had a mistress, she just couldn’t see herself believing in the love that she writes about, then her boyfriend dumped her and now she’s broke. She’s retreated to her dad’s beach house which she was given by his mistress to try and write her book while packing up the house for selling. Unfortunately, the guy living next door is her college nemesis, bestselling author Augustus Everett. He too has writers block and he challengers her to write the next best American Novel while he tries his hand at a romance. This naturally requires weekly research of each of their genres – what could go wrong?

I really, really loved this book. It was exactly what I was looking for to sate my need for a contemporary romance.

January was such a great character. She’s had a lot of really difficult things happen to her but, until her Dad’s death, you wouldn’t really know it as she was always able to find love and happiness in the world. I found that really inspiring but at the same time understood how crushing it would be to come to the harsh realisations about your own parents. Her journey of discovery was really touching to watch unfold.

Gus was so fucking hot. I really expected him to be a pretentious arsehole, but he wasn’t. In contrast to January he’d had a terrible childhood with an abusive father. I liked how this had a lasting effect on him, but that intimacy didn’t make him run for the hills. He kind of had that ‘I’m not good enough for you’ vibe that I think we love in the really swoon-worthy love interests. Also, just when you find out his side of the story – it’s soooo cute. I just love him so much.

I found it really interesting how they shared a passion and encouraged each other with it while actually writing very different things. The build up between them was really good, it was slow, but it didn’t feel torturously slow.

This book also had smut in. Which I love. Like I really need to see the end of the tense, hot build up before they kiss.

I always find it really difficult to do long reviews of books I’ve enjoyed. This was like a 5* read for me so definitely so good, please pick it up. I think you’d like it if you liked things like The Hating Game or The Flatshare.

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