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Book Review: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

I am so sorry everyone! I’ve had a killer migraine for the last couple of weeks and I just couldn’t handle screens after a whole day at work constantly on one. As a result, I am a whole month behind on my blog posts.

This book has been screaming at me for so long now and I’ve been desperate to read it. I’m using the Clear Your Shit readathon over on twitter to justify starting a load of new series and read all the books I’ve been wanting to for months.

So, our protagonist is Meghan Chase, a seemingly normal high school girl who doesn’t really fit in. When her brother gets taken and replaced by a changeling Meghan has to journey to faery to get him back. But there is much more than her brother waiting for her in Faery and soon Meghan finds herself at the mercy of Oberon and his queen and caught between a feud between Puck and the handsome winter Prince – Ash.

So, I was excited to read this series because it gave me The Cruel Prince vibes. After reading the whole book I definitely see some similarities, although on the whole I still prefer The Cruel Prince. 

I’m struggling to decide what to say about Meghan. She seems a bit of a meh character which seems really bad considering I like the book. But I don’t know, she seems to make some silly mistakes and doesn’t really have much of a backbone throughout a lot of the book. I actually struggled to get into the story until halfway through because there was so much time of just her making stupid decisions.

Ash vastly improved the story. I’m all in when it comes to dark, tortured, broody men in books so he is doing it for me. What I didn’t quite get was his fascination with Meghan. Everything between them seems to progress very quickly and I’m not sure they actually had a proper conversation until near the end.

I enjoyed Puck as a character though I’m not thrilled about the possibility of a love triangle, but I know that trope was all the rage when this was published. Nevertheless, Puck was funny, but I really struggled to picture him as anything other than Stanley Tucci. And imagining his depiction of Puck in an auburn wig is not quite what I call a love interest.

Overall, I enjoyed the plot of the book. I liked how it was a contained story though I imagine it’s not all over and the idea of the Iron fey was really awesome. I loved it. I’m definitely going to keep reading the series and I’m hoping as I do so that Meghan will become a stronger character and her and Ash’s relationship will progress past the insta-love that it really felt like in this book.

So, I gave this book 4* and I’m really looking forward to getting the rest of the books for Christmas and continuing!

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