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Book Review: Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade

Without my Christmas book buying ban I am not doing well at not just buying every book I want to read. Spoiler alert was one of them.

Spoiler Alert follows Marcus and April. Marcus is the star of the hit TV show adaptation of some very popular books set in Ancient Rome. He also takes out his frustration on the shows direction by anonymously writing fan fiction. April also writes fan fiction and has, unknowingly, being corresponding with Marcus of their OTP server for the past two years. When she posts a picture of her plus-sized cosplay, Marcus is tagged in a cruel retweet. His response: ask the attractive cosplayer out on a date.

I read this book in one day. True, I do that with most Rom-Coms but still. I absolutely adored this book. The characters were amazing. As someone who has really poor body image and used to be plus sized, I just think it’s so important to have this representation out there, I only wish there was more of it.

April is literally everything I want to be. She’s so confident in herself and she makes really healthy choices for her. She was so strong and sure of herself. I really loved her.

Marcus is such a complicated character. When we meet him, he’s just hiding so much of the person he is from everyone around him and I loved that his relationship with April allowed him to slowly open up more and more.

The thing that really struck me about this book is that Marcus and April’s relationship is possibly one of the healthiest depictions of a relationship I’ve seen. There’s no real withholding of feelings, they both are pretty honest with each other early on. Sure there’s a few miscommunications but otherwise it’s very supportive and loving.

Obviously, Marcus isn’t telling her that he’s her friend from the fanfiction site but I think the way he handled it was understandable and you could easily see how he got himself into that predicament.

I found this book felt similar to Fangirl with the fanfiction element and the love interest who struggled to read traditionally but loved audiobooks. However, this book was so much better, the characters were a lot less irritating and their relationship was so much more satisfying.

This is also an adult book so there’s smut. That’s a big plus for me since I need that in my romances, I literally live for that shit.

So yeah, I really don’t have a bad thing to say about this book. I gave it a 4.5* because it was thoroughly enjoyable, a great read! The only reason this wasn’t a 5* is just because the tropes in it weren’t quite my favourites. For Rom-Coms I tend to like a good enemies to lovers.

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