To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

So, taking a break from the usual fantasy to write this review.  I imagine a lot of people know what to all the boys I’ve loved before is about, after all there was that pretty great film on Netflix! Anyway, I loved the movie and so my boyfriend brought me the book for Valentine’s day.  I started it the day after and promptly finished it that same day!

For anyone who doesn’t know, perhaps you’re not into this genre? To all the boys I’ve loved before follows Lara Jean a junior in high school.  When she decides she no longer wants to have a crush on someone she writes a letter detailing her feelings for them.  She keeps the letters to herself and no one knows about them, that is until they somehow get mailed out.  Unfortunately for her one of the letters is to her sister’s recent ex-boyfriend and her next-door neighbour/close friend.  Fortunately, another letter is to a classmate who has just been dumped by Lara Jean’s horrible ex-best friend!

Obviously, I enjoyed this book since I read it in a day.  I found it different to the movie and I think I liked the movie more which I imagine is an unpopular opinion.  I’m not sure if it would be different had I read the book first.  I think I found the characters a bit more likable in the movie and a little bit of me found the book slightly childish – every time she said daddy or mommy I literally wanted to scream!

Anyway, I’m not sure who my favourite character was.  I like Lara Jean mainly because she reminded me of myself in high school, very unsure of herself and just wanting to belong.  I liked Peter as well, even though he isn’t quite as dreamy as in the movie.  The character I was surprised to like was Josh, I feel like the movie didn’t do him justice.  Even though he did some things in this book that made his character less morally good I feel like I understood his motivations more.  Also, he is seriously nerdy, and I love that – like I would want to see the Lord of the Rings marathon with him!

I know my least favourite character was definitely Margot.  She was just way too controlling over Lara Jean, I couldn’t help but feel like a lot of Lara Jean’s issues were probably because she had such an overbearing and demanding sister.  Margot literally judges everything Lara Jean does, and I just don’t think it is a healthy relationship – gotta agree with Chris that Margot is a beotch!

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book.  I particularly enjoyed things like the hot tub scene and Lara Jean’s development over the course of the book was really good.  Even though I only ordered new books yesterday, I promptly ordered the second and third books in this series because I have to know all of Lara Jean’s story!

I gave this book a 4/5, I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good teenage romance!

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