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October 2020 Wrap Up!

Another exciting month guys! I read 15 books this month though three were for work, so I won’t be including them. One I am currently finishing while starting this post but I’m assuming that I will finish it by tomorrow.

1: The Rose and The Dagger by Renee Ahdieh 5*

Ahhhh I loved this book so much guys. I was worried that I wouldn’t it because I struggle with second books especially when I don’t like where the main characters are at the start of it. That definitely applied but Shazi pulled through on that front, being the same strong, amazing character that I loved in The Wrath and The Dawn.

2: Windwitch 4*

Okay a bit of a tricky one. I started this and read half for a buddy read last year that then fell through, I waited for sooo long to continue, and when I realised that wouldn’t happen, I’d forgotten what happened. I picked it back up and feel like I remember most of it. I really enjoyed it though, I love Aeduan and am hoping to continue the series over the next few months.

3: Escaping from Houdini 4*

Another tricky one. This one creeped me out and I’ve been reading it for months. However, once I got through the first half my love of Thomas Cresswell won out and I really enjoyed it.

4: Hunted by the Sky 4*

Yeah, I finished loads of the books I had been putting off. This one I was really enjoying in July and then I started a readathon and put it down. This was such an enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to the conclusion.

5: Heart of Iron 4.5*

This was such a good book guys. It’s been so long since I read a sci-fi and I loved this one. Ana is amazing and I was surprised by Di and Jax. It was just such an inventive retelling of Anastasia and I loved it.

6: Becoming the Dark Prince 4.5*

Okay so a novella but it still counts right? I loved getting Thomas’ perspective – he is utter perfection and I’m so excited to see what Capturing the Devil holds in store.

7: The Mermaid, The Witch, and The Sea 4*

Another bookclub read – this one was an enjoyable story tha definitely felt original. The setting and the characters were new and I enjoyed it. Also had amazing representation in.

8: Geekerella 3.5*

Where my rom-com obsession of the month starts. I really wanted a sweet, easy, romance. This was definitely enjoyable but, as you’ll see from my review, I had issues with it. It was an inventive Cinderella retelling though and I enjoyed all the references.

9: The Unhoneymooners 4*

I kept seeing this and I thought it would be so good. I really enjoyed the first half, but the end disappointed me slightly – you’ll see in the review. And there wasn’t enough smut for me.

10: Rhapsodic 5*

You guys already know my thoughts on this series, I listened to the audiobook because I was desperate for more Desmond Flynn again. Loved it just as much as the first time and the audiobook is amazing!

11: Beach Read 4.5-5*

My rom-com need was finally sated by this amazing story. Gus and January were so perfect, and I loved their story. I’d recommend this book to everyone.

12: Not the girl you marry 4-4.5*

I actually read this on audio from my local library and it’s the first audio that I have read without having read it in another format first. I really enjoyed this read, I didn’t love it as much as How to lose a guy in 10 days (which it’s based on) but it was a solid rom-com!

So that is my wrap up! Such an amazing month and I discovered some amazing books. It’s difficult to pinpoint a favourite as my 5* reads were all very different and super difficult to compare. Obviously I’ve read Rhapsodic before so I’ll call that a favourite of another month. That then leaves The Rose and The Dagger and Beach Read which are vastly different books. Both have swoon worthy romances though and I binged them in less than 24 hours.

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